Corvette Repairs of Maine

New and Used Parts

If anything interests you or if you have any ideas to swap out labor for Corvette related parts you have.
Call me at 207-333-7955 or send me an email thought the "Contact Chuck" page on this site.

I'm always looking for Corvette parts.
An old ratty torn up door panel you took off and, I tried that and wind up throwing it out anyway.

An old intake manifold, carburetor,exhaust manifolds, rear springs, Chevrolet performance parts are OK.

I'd rather exchange for labor, that way I don't have to shell out money for the parts and helps you with lower labor repair costs.


I'm an:
Authorized Corvette America Reseller
Authorized Edelbrock Supercharger Installer
Authorized Keisler Transmission Installer
Autthorized State of Maine Inspection Mechanic and Inspection Station for Vehicles and Motorcycles 

Looking for interiors, if you get seat covers, carpeting and door panels, I can include it with other orders and save you the shipping charges. I need to see the car first before giving you a labor quote. 


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