Corvette Repairs of Maine

Service & Repairs

I have a 4 post lift with 60" ramps for the low height of Corvettes. The lift is a longer and wider full professional model. I didn't mess around when I got that.

My rate is $65.00 per hour.  VISA / MASTERCARD / DISCOVER Accepted

THERE IS A DIFFERENCE when someone working on your Corvette has the same passion as you do for these cars...!!!

This is a registered business in the city and state. I am an approved State of Maine Inspection Mechanic and Inspection Garage for both passenger vehicles and motorcycles.

I try to work ONLY on Corvettes but occasionally there are a few others that sneak in. Particularly current Corvette customers of other vehicles. You can see an occasional older Nova, Chevelle, Street Rod, and the newer Camaros, Challengers, or even Mustangs (I know, I know)!   

The hours I'm open fluctuate. That is to say I may be working on a car at 7:30 AM 'till 9: PM taking a break in the middle of the day for a cruise or ride to get parts or take a breather. I attend Cruise nights so that may effect when I'll be there. Saturdays are not out of the question to work on them trying to get caught up (if ever). My phone (207)333-7955 is on me all the time. I can get emails and texts any time of the day through my smartphone. 

I open up around beginning of May and usually close down by the end of October. I can do seat cover installations and such during the Winter.

The "Transformations" page is used to show just that...transformations from old crappy to new. 

One of the biggest pains in the butt is water dripping from the roof tops or side glass from old weatherstripping, cheap weatherstripping, or bad installations. I can repair that.


63 to 82: Bad steering, suspension, weatherstrips, rear end seals/gear changes, exhaust

63 to 04: Headlamps won't go up or down, I can repair that.

84 to 96: Rough idling, electronics, and bad grounds are very common on these models. Weatherstrip replacement. 

97 to 13:  Want some more power, how about a supercharger!
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