Corvette Repairs of Maine

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In Maine at our Lake Front Location:

6 Waymouth Way, Monmouth, Maine  04259

Specializing in Corvettes and ONLY Corvettes

Years  63-67  68-82  84-96  97-04  05-13

Front and Rear Suspension / Brakes / Rear Axle Gear Changes / Bearings

63 - 82 Headlamp and Wiper Vacuum Systems Diagnosis and Repairs

Full Electrical Diagnosis and Repairs (even the really tough ones on the C4's)

OBDI & OBDII Complete Computer Diagnosis

Custom Tuning for C5's and C6's

Complete Interiors       Weatherstripping       Carpeting       Water Leaks

State of Maine Inspection Station

CHUCK MAILHOT / Owner    with 2 sons...Jared and Nathan Mailhot

I've bought and sold Corvettes since I was 18 and repaired Corvettes for others for 18+ years! I buy and sell just a few each year now and focus primarily on repairs, maintenance, and restoration for others.

The oldest I've owned is 1963, the newest is 2007.

Telephone      207-333-7955
Fax               207-933-2110

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